Freaked Out

Wow, yes I'm freaked out to share this website! Thank you to sheila for creating and supporting me through this process. Whats the big deal? I don"t know.... just coming out...coming out of the darkness, the shadows, the past life memories of hangings, burning, drownings, and stoning, for being me. A healer, medicine woman, shaman, Witch!

Yikes!!! it has taken me 20 years to do this, to own my essence, my shine, my gifts.

As I come out I know the universe will support me, more and more, as I support myself. Thank you universe!

We all have a gift to share, a light to shine, and essence to sparkle out to all who are awake. I think the greatest gift my parents gave me was to Not introduce religion to me. I am very grateful for that as I was able to discover my spirituality, on my own through nature through my emotions, pain, trauma, all that life dished out made me push through to find my centre to find some semblance of peace. Here I am, hippy, gypsy, witch chick!

Deal with it, I am, with my breath, with my guides, with my truth, with all of your support!

I thank you

Wishing you all to shine your light and your love in every moment

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