Holiday Relief!

Grief......oh what a relief the happy holidays are almost over!

What I have learned over the past couple months is that people don't know what to say to people who are in grief, lost someone, or depressed for various reasons. Everyone loses someone they love eventually, so lets get educated and tune into our compassionate hearts to give our attention to the uncomfortable situation of, do I say his name, don't I? Mostly everyone just wants to ignore the whole situation. That is not what the grieving person wants!

Reach out, ask how the person is, ask if its OK to talk about him/her. I want to talk about him, and if I don't I will say so, I'm a big girl. We have memories, funny memories to talk about, just ask if the person is ok to talk...ASK, its OK. Ignoring the topic or persons name IS the worst thing you can do!!

I am tapping into my authentic heart and hearing the call to SHARE, share wisdom, share experience, loss, grief and share the spiritual journey I have been on my whole life! The clarity is beautiful, brilliant and exciting!

I am speaking on "Consciously Navigating Grief" at an event where I live and this has opened me up to a higher purpose, one of which I've always know but not know the avenue. I have always offered my transformational bodywork and healing to many as well as working with palliative patients and their families. Now I wish to speak to groups to share compassion, connection, encouragement, inspiration and tools to navigate, not just the death of a loved one, but all the losses we go through on our journey.

There is much to speak about on this topic, but I am guided to keep my blogs short and sweet!

So until next time, Love On, in Light and from bursting heart!



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