Why am I here? Who am I?

Without you my life is different.

Who am I? What is my purpose without you?

Why am I here?

You have pushed me to discover more deeply than ever

more truthfully than is imaginable

my depths, my gifts.

You, you Dane were a gift, in birth

now in new form a gift for me, to shift

I choose to grow, I have no choice

to honor you I must push to my core

to know who I am.....

I am HER no more

My son, my love, my gift

I thank you

your strength your presence your power your essence

to ignite my fire my truth to find

to push to the depths of mine.

My heart is broken, wide open to you

your love has broken my heart wide open

shattered, broken

to expose the gem the gift of my essence

thank you, you chose me to be your Mother, your Mumma,

to love you every day, to accept you in every way

Pure Love

You are Pure Light a reflection of Me,


Thats Me!

With an infinite amount of Love,

Dane's Mumma

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