Travelling Through Grief

Grief is an energy, an entity, it stalks you, it trips you, sometimes it buries you.

I sold everything and went to Europe, to run away...No, to hide...No.

To find my connection to my divinity, to spirit, to my all knowing self....Yes!

I am committed to healing, before my son disappearred I had done so much healing and there was more to heal, now the grief of all son is dead, hes gone, I will never see him again in the flesh, the flesh and blood I bore. I grew him inside of me, I loved him and nurtured him, I was his cheer leader, his support.

Who am I without that piece/part of me.?

I am me, my spirit, my essence, but if I dont tap into and connect to my essence I will never feel whole, feel OK, feel like I belong. This is my life of searching to feel like the divine spark I am! We all are! Why are we here....why are you you know?

I have known for many years but I was too afraid to embrace who I am.

Slowly I began to share my gifts of healing energy that pours through me to shine light, by being kind, helpful, thoughtful, connecting to others who are willing, open to Connect!

This is most important to me and many, we must connect, share, allow each other to express , to create and be seen!

We all want to be seen, to connect to be heard to be acknowledged!!

This is my journey Ive put myself out to the world, trusting I will be guided to lessons, experiences to show me the unhealed parts of me, this has happened. I have had incredible clearings and releases because Ive stripped myself of any security, stability, any percieved safety! There is no security, no stability, it can all be ripped from you in a second, so if you dont have it in your all knowing core then you my friend are Not Safe.Its an illusion, we are told,...... get married, buy a house, have children, get a secure job, and you will be secure!!

What happens when your child dies, do you feel secure then, do you feel safe, stable??

I am here to journey through life finding the deepest parts of me connecting to the Divine, to the truth of who I am. Grief is around, I see it, I feel it, I probably will until my end of time, but I am living, I am living my life and seeking to have the deep spiritual connection with my self and my son. he is there, he is right here, and once I grieve that I cannot hold his body, then I embrace that I can connect with his soul, his perfection of essence, that perfection I saw and felt from the moment he was born! This is the essence we must see in everyone everyday, not just when they behave appropriatley or do something right( in our belief system) we are all pure divine souls swimming around trying to find the way back to Divinity. Pure, every single one of us.

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