Choose Peace

My life of loss, human loss has gifted me with opportunty to grow, to transform, to push me outside the box of this human existence.

Through the many challenges, experiences and poor choices in my life, I chose to dig deeper to find meaning to find connection to my high self. Through these years of pain, struggle and heart ache, I continued to search for meaning, for peace, to find myself, my truth, my purpose.

Peace, yes peace with no stress or anxiety, these feelings were the driving force. How long can a person stay in fear, anxiety, stress and survival? When we get uncomfortable enough, or tired enough of not being happy, fulfilled or at peace then we will try something new. Discomfort eventually motivates us.

I am here, I have survied, but not just survived, I have thrived. Don't we want to thrive, to feel alive and happy about it !

The ultimate goal as a human on this planet is to remember who we are and why we came here, we all have talents, gifts, something to offer to the world. Peace is the holy grail of existence, it is the ultimate feeling to be calm, centred, knowing who you are unaffected by others fears, judgements or attacks.

We can only clean up our lives, fix ourselves, attend to our emotions, pains, traumas and dramas. No one can do it for us, no one can save us, No One but you can decide to change your life!

You need to ask for help, for support when you are willing and when you choose to make changes . Suffering is optional!

If you don't know where to start, ask!

If you are ready and willing for a shift, for some peace, for self love, for a life of purpose and connection, then please reach out to me to have a chat about the ways in which I can support you on your journey towards wholeness, wellness, inner peace!

You make the choice, but you don't have to do it alone, you just have to do the work and commit to yourself!

Big Hugzzz,

Big Blessings


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