Shane Pizzey, owner of Aspire Health & Performance, Kelowna BC experienced ...

Here's what clients say on facebook about Dana Lorraine...

Every session I have had with Dana makes me feel like I am freshly ripened fruit filled with nutrients, life & balance. She is a masterful healer and delivers an incredible physical, energetic and spiritual experience!

Dustin Erickson

Owner of Float Space, Kelowna BC

"When I booked a massage with Dana, I had no idea how inadequate the word "massage" was in describing this treatment. Dana is a true healer. I have had many various treatments over the years in an effort to relieve some chronic back issues. Dana's treatment was the most powerful I think I have ever had. For the first time in literally years, I slept through the night after she had worked her magic. Cannot recommend her highly enough"

 Audrey E. Kelowna BC

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Maytawee of Maytawee Healings Arts, Kelowna BC is relieved of fatigue, feels her whole body system was recalibrated...

"I had an Energy healing session with Dana IN THE FLOAT TANK! Wow! Over 1/2 hr, I went through a series of intense experiences and visuals. I could feel and see the energy ports being opened and electrifying, minty pin prickles shooting out from my hands, feet and awakened in other places. Areas of my body reacted immediately as Dana guided the energy through me. I still feel vibrant, clean, and energized! I am so grateful! Thank you!"

Kalina B, Kelowna BC


'm Dan Zaleski, as a professional athlete I was blessed to meet Dana who on a number of occasions relaxed & healed my muscles to enable me to keep performing at a high level. I would highly recommend Dana to any prospective client. Ms. Bosch's attitude and professionalism are of the highest integrity."

Respectfully, Master Dan Zaleski

Sixth degree black belt

CEO Quest Martial Arts Inc

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